I have 2 types of Gift Certificates: Standard and Seasonal! Both are the same price. If you find a gift certificate that you like please contact me here 

The Standard Certificates are year round and can be self-printed on basic copy paper or photo paper. Click on your chosen gift certificate link below to be taken to a printable pdf. Alternatively, you can have me print it for you and mail it to you. They are valid for all of 2019.

The Seasonal Certificates are colorful, glossy certificates that I print for you and can be personalized with your name and your recipient's. Click on the collage below to view examples. These Christmas certificates are available from 11/20/18  through 12/20/2018  and are valid until 7/01/2019. 

Payment of your gift certificate is not due until after your recipient has met with me at their consultation and set a date for their shoot. The fee can then be paid by check or PayPal. 

Standard Year Round Printable Gift Certificates                                                     Seasonal (Christmas) Gift Certificates 

Business Headshot Gift Certificate $150                                  Actor's/Artist's Headshot Gift Certificate $300

Graduate Photoshoot Gift Certificate 3 hrs $400

Graduate Photoshoot Gift Certificate 6 hrs $600

Family Group Photoshoot Gift Certificate 2 - 3 people $200 

Family Group Photoshoot Gift Certificate 4 - 5 people $300

Family Group Photoshoot Gift Certificate 6 - 12 people $400

Hollywood/Glam Headshot Gift Certificate $300

Model/Lifestyle Photoshoot Gift Certificate 4 hrs $400/$450

Model/Lifestyle Photoshoot Gift certificate 8 hrs $700/$750